AMALAYER: Think Before You Act

You know you’re scandalous when everyone knows the wrong things you did. This was the case of Paula Jaime Salvosa, whose notorious “AMALAYER” video drew nationwide attention on her actions.
Salvosa, portrayed as the one shouting at a lady guard, is criticized for her poor morals – and, mockingly, her English slang. Yet, she regrets nothing, for she believes that what she did was right.

Whose fault was it, even?

Of course, the girl wouldn’t raise her voice for no reason. The lady guard, Casinas, had talked in a stern tone and has rudely grabbed Salvosa’s arm. To Salvosa, if Casinas approached her in a mild way, she wouldn’t have done anything.

On the other hand, Casinas claimed that despite her consecutive “sorrys”, Salvosa kept her voice at maximum level. At this, Salvosa retorted that Casinas wouldn’t have said sorry if her head officer didn’t show up.

Everyone seemed to wonder on whose side was right. Was it necessary to grab a passenger’s arm out of anger? Was it necessary to shout at a rude guard? All these queries continue to surface in every mind.
However, one side seems to be unnoticed – the uploader’s. It was his post that made an ordinary scene at the LRT station an issue. If it wasn’t uploaded, both sides would’ve been at peace, and both women would continue as the unknown. No one would’ve cared about the weird accent, either. What makes it crazier is that many laud the uploader himself, mainly for his vigilance. But, in deeper thought, his alertness has aggravated things for his countrymen.

Yet, no matter what contemplation we make, we can never reverse anything. Even if Posadas would delete his video post, everyone already saw it. That is the traumatizing effect – we’ll never know when Salvosa could lose cyberbullies, or when Casinas would get back and live normally.

This incident does not only show the attitude we shouldn’t portray, but the huge consequences of our small actions. We never know if someone is out there watching us, or whether someone will be immensely affected by our responses. We must learn to be cautious.

Let us remember that all we do don’t represent ourselves, but also where we came from. Indeed, let us think before we act, not only for our sake, but also for the country’s pride, values, and reputation.

Tags : Reflection
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