Reflection – Cheating Habit : Do Your Part Now!

Education, which has become vital for the survival for any countries, must be dealt with care and dexterity as this education later molds the personality of a person who dwells among millions of people and influence their lives.

One of the many issues faced by one’s school is that the cheating has reached epidemic proportions. The questions frequently asked by teachers is that why students cheat?

There are a lot of reasons to consider. One is when one forgets to study for the examination. To avoid having low grades in the exam, a student, though unwillingly cheat.

Second is the high expectations of the parents to their child than then resulted for their child to cheat in order to get high grades. It is sad but true that the child makes use of every opportunity in hand, including cheating.
Some also consider this as the easiest way out. Lazy students tend to continue cheating. Imagine getting high grades without even shedding a single sweat of effort for it?

This problem may seem to be very small at first but sooner or later this dishonest deed could lead us to an increasing number of corrupt officials, thieves, dishonest vendors and dealers and even unfaithful spouses.
So why wait for the time that this simple misconduct could result to more alarming problem of the society?
Cheating nowadays is prevalent so the school administration needs to have a zero tolerance policies regarding with this evil deed. In addition to that homework should be made meaningful and interesting for the students and the parents must take interest in their children’s work.

Also, students must learn how to be true to themselves and their own values must not be swayed by outside influences and pressures.

Furthermore, all these problems roots to the fact that communication gap exists between parents and children.

Each of us has a part and can help to stop the trend before its virus could reach to the future’s generation. Do your part now!

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