Expeditions After the Magellan Expedition

1.    Juan Garcia Jofre de Loaisa and Juan Sebastian del Cano Expedition
A fleet of 7 ships with a crew of 450 left La Coruña, Spain in July 1525 to claim Maluku for the Spanish crown.
2.   Cabot Expedition (1526)

Cabot was an Italian explorer and cosmographer. His expedition in the Philippines was in accordance to the Royal Decree dated 26 April 1525.

3.   Alonso de Saavedra Ceron Expedition (1527-1529)
He sailed from Zihuatanejo, Mexico on the eve of All Saints’ Day in 1527 with 3 ships and a crew of some 115 men. His instructions were: to discover the Mexican-Maluku route via the Pacific Ocean; and the release or search of survivors of the Magellan, Loaisa, and Cabot Expeditions.

4.   Ruy Lopez de Villalobos Expedition (1542-1546)

He sailed from Juan Gallego, (Navidad), Mexico in November 1542 with 6 ships and 370 men. He Ordered his men to plow the field and plant corn in Sarangani. He surrendered to the Portuguese in Amboina in the Maluku.  Bernardo de la Torre, commander of the ship San Juan de Letran, named the Philippines Las Phelipinas in honor of King Philip II.

5.   Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Andres Urdaneta Expedition (1564)
They sailed from Juan Gallego in 1564 with 4 ships and 350 men. In 1565, Legazpi reached Cebu and had blood compacts with Si Katunaw and Si Gala in Bohol. Villa San Miguel, later named as Ciudad del Santisimo Nombre de Jesus, was the first established settlement in the archipelago.
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