Importance of Effective Communication

For school administrators to achieve their stated educational  goals, they must strive to increase efficiency, quality, responsiveness to public, and innovation. Good communication is therefore essential in school for reaching these goals.

Administrators must increase efficiency by updating the school process to take advantage of new and more efficient teaching methods and materials and staff development to expand their skills. Effective communication is therefore necessary for administrators to learn about these new teaching methods and materials, implement them in the school, and train teachers on how to use them.

Also, improving quality hinges on effective communication. School administrators need to communicate to all members of the school the meaning and importance of high quality and how to attain it. Teachers need to communicate quality problems and suggestions for enhancing quality to their principal.

Teachers need to share ideas for improving quality among themselves. Effective communication can also help to increase responsiveness to the public. When principals and teachers who are members of the community are empowered to communicate the needs and desires of students and community to the school, the school administrators are better able to respond to these needs.

Effective communication is needed for the process of introducing new teaching methods and materials to be successful. Therefore, administrators must have a good understanding of the communication process if they are to perform effectively.

Tags : Communication Arts
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