Iwitness: Itbayat, Batanes

One of the IWitness episodes tackled about the life in Itbayat, one of the largest of three island in Batanes. Batanes is mostly the end part of the Philippines in the North. Then in this episode we had seen the beauty of Batanes, great viewed of paradise within, also we had seen the stone houses made by their ancestors but sad thing this stone houses threaten with the modern construction materials. Lost of this stone houses diminished the cultural values of Ibatag or Ethnic nation living therein.

Second, is about the youth migration shown in this documentary. Almost hundred percent of the Ibatag graduates leaved and goes to Manila to continue their studies because they believe that this is the only to make their life become better because in Itbayat there is no transportation, they were lived in primitive way, the opportunity of job is either in municipal or in the school so this make the youth to migrate to other places to find good fate. Some of those who leaved few only came back. However, for the elders they never leave the simple and peace way of living in Itbayat . Apparently, the documentaries goes about the perilous island of Batanes but why youth migrate to Manila to find good fate, easy way of living because for some what is the sense of like a paradise place if the resources is not suitable for their needs.

The significant of this documentary to Macroeconomics is for us to understand why youth migrate to other places and not use their ability and skills in their hometown so that even in long run their unity improve the places where the live and make their life become better in their own town. This docu show the labor foce of the youth in other places and the less employment in Itbayat, Batanes and the snail move of their economy.
As a student of Macroeconomics shows me the unprogressive life in Itbayat, and I understand, why so many youth comes from the province facing struggle in Manila to have a good job and life. In this open my idea that sometimes for us to make the economy become better we need to sacrifices one another for the sake of much better. Likewise, in Itbayat they had paradise place but some chose to live for a good quality of life. They sacrifice the beauty of their place for their desire and needs. However we have different idea of what a good life is but the important is we must importance the things around us. A better decision in making sacrifices.

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