IWitness: Palawan Lihim ng Kanluran

For the first leg of this series, Sandra Aguinaldo journeys to the western edge of the Philippines to Balabac Island in Palawan to take a peek at the lives of the Molbog tribe. No other television camera has reached this place, until now. Disconnected from modern comforts, some of the old women are sill comfortable doing their daily chores without their upper garments. In lieu of hospitals and doctors, people turn to witch doctors for medical help. Most members of the Molbog tribe don’t care much about politics either-having no idea who the current Philippine president is. The simple life is at utmost here, and perhaps the key to preserving their culture and traditions.

The significant of this documentary to Macroeconomics, shows us the unprogressive movement in economy impact to the lives of Molbog tribe in Palawan. No hospitals and doctors, primitive way of living as well. This also shows us the unemployment happen in this place because of no jobs and opportunity even there is no school for the youth. They doesn’t even know who the current President is simple shows that they never been touch by any improvement in their life they live on their own.

As a student of Macroeconomics this documentary made me understand that a country as a whole not all been benefitted by the success of raising economy as a whole. The youth instead of going to school they been married at the young age. Hopefully they been have education, improve their skills so that in the future they been become rise the labor force of the nation and someday they can do something to make their life become better.

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