Iwitness: The Real Effects of Small-scale mining in Eastern Samar

This documentary in the East of the Philippines were Howie Severino discovers is about how coastal towns in Eastern Samar have turned to muddy wastelands, without bring prosperity to the towns people. Their hard labor, contaminated rivers has no benefits because they poor people, hard to earn money, and especially all they been earned not suitable for the needs of their family. For all of their effort to find chromites they only earned two pesos for every kilo of this very far in the price of this chromites in the World Market. They are the one who suffer and risk all danger for this chromites but they only earned a little amount for this.

The significant of this documentary to the Macroeconomics is for us to understand the important of laborers, their output of production is a great share for the improvement of our economy and for the rising of our GNP. But also help us to determined the effects of this small-scale mining to our economy but not benefitted the people who worked hard for these. The production of chromite is part of our GNP and the labor force so this is greatly important in the field of Macroeconomics. And also the profit of producer if these chromite been sell in the market where the consumers buy.

As a student of Macroeconomics this documentary enhanced my knowledge to the production price of thing such as chromite and how the price differ when it in the market. For those who worked hard for this earned only a small amount that not suitable for their daily needs but in the market the price of chromites was so high make other people earned a lot profit for these. In contrast to the hard worker whose still poor and less fortunate.

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