Philippine Literature – Plot Analysis of “3 Generations” by. Nick Joaquin

Celo was waiting for his wife to speak. He had finished breakfast and had just laid down the newspaper through which he had been glancing.

Celo and Sofia talk about Marcelo Sr. that he has certainly become wild ever since Celo drove that girl away.

Name poured from the old’s man lips. He called on every woman he had ever loved. He wanted his women, he became angry and shouted at them as in the days of his strength. He commanded them to come near. He tried to rise and fell back moaning and beating on the bed with his hands.

Chitong decides to bring the girl back, and it took him almost an hour to find the house. However, only a few words to make the girl come.

Celo realizes how he has become the father he has hated for so long and there realizes further that the slap has been his. At his “ the girl slipped swiftly away from them and into the old man’s room. Locking the door behind

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