Philippines Economy and Recovery After World War II (1946-1949)

The Aftermath of World War II (1946-1949) 

Philippine Economy (POST-WAR)

  • Approximately P40 billion invested to re-construct physical capital
  • Struggle to rebuild.
  • Foreign aid flowing, $803 million from the US (debt).

Philippine Rehabilitation Act of Tydings Act

  • On April 30, 1946, the Philippine Rehabilitation or the Tydings Act of 1946, passed by the US Congress, was approved by the US President.
  • Act created the US Philippine War Damage Commission.
  • Authorized it to expend a total of $400,000,000 in payment of private war-damage claims and another $120,000,000 for the restoration of public property.
  • Provided for the transfer of $100,000,000 surplus property of the United States to the Philippines.

Bell Trade Act

  • prohibited Philippines from protecting new industries, manufacturing or selling products that may be in competition with US goods.
  • no import duties for US products
  • pegging of peso to dollar at P2:$1 rate.
  • Parity Clause allowing US citizens and corporations access to natural resources and operation of public utilities. 

Executive Order No. 94

  • On October 4, 1947, obtained surplus equipment and supplies from the Surplus Property Commission.
  • The Government Telephone Service, inaugurated on January 15, 1949, obtained practically all its equipment from the surplus.
  • The Commission, headed by Frank A. Waring as its chairman, completed their final report in 1951 and disbanded.

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