Reaction Paper of Goose Bumps

Movie: Goosebumps
Reaction Paper

It is an exciting film which teaches us many values such as tolerance, support, and collaboration between friends, education, love, respect, and understanding. These possible values are evident during the course of the entire movie as well and were such securities.

First of all the movie was actually a horror comedy film, so I thought it was a terrifying movie but when I realize the story, I was hooked by it, and I kinda relate at some point.

It started at Jack who wanted to take revenge on the people who made fun of him. He created the stories as a child to terrorize the people, but the monsters came to life and became uncontrollable, so he trapped them in the manuscripts.

I was also amazed by the strong relationship of Zach and Hannah. When Zach found out that a story also made Hannah, he tried his best not to lose Hannah. I thought it was the end for them, but Jack saved the movie by bringing Hannah back to life again.

On the story, it tells us that some people express their emotions or feelings through writing stories. For me, books are better than those online games and social media.

For this reason and more, I can say and give a conclusion that no matter how hard the situation is, you should believe in yourself. And no matter how big your mistake is, you can always find a way to correct it.

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