Reporters Notebook Sektor: The Fisherman (MaNgingisda)

Philippine is the largest exporter of fish in the world but almost 4 out of 10 fisherman remain as poor. In the 8th year anniversary series of Reporter’s notebook The sector of the fisherman been told. This documentary is about the hardworking of the fisherman but still one if the poorest sector in the Philippines. This documentary shows us the contribute of the fisherman, their effort to earn money, and how they faced all the dangers in the ocean while they were fishing to earn money for their family but still not suitable for their needs.

The significant of this documentary to macroeconomics is for us understand the share of the fisherman to the improvement of our economy they so-called labor force. The production of fish contribute in the market were the consumers buy goods. Also the production of fish is because of the fisherman. For the our economy as a whole export of fish is important contribution to make our economy productive. Apparently, this documentary has a significant to Macroeconomics in terms of understanding the share and the role of fisher in the production of fish for the exports and for our daily needs, the labor force, the profit of goods if it’s in the market.

As a macroeconomics student this documentary gives me an important knowledge that fisherman is not just a fisherman. Simply because of them were been place as the 6th largest exporter of fish in the world. Because of them our needs supported in terms of fish we eat, they also help to improve the state of our economy. Their role is greatly important for the success of our economy but I feel sorry for them for still being live in hard way of life, hard to earn money and poor life. They desrve to have a good life, benefitted for their hardwork but hen unfortunately they still one of the poorest sector.

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