Reflection: Reporter’s Notebook Sektor – Woman (Kababaihan)

In the documentary of Reporter’s Notebook, this tacked “Insufficient health services for pregnant women and a shortage of safe and sensible jobs are only some of the issues being faced by women these days. In a study conducted by the Department of Health, CARAGA Region lists the most number of deaths by pregnancy followed by Region V.

The documentary about the fate of women in Agusan del Norte and Masbate to shows us the real state of the women in the province. We have seen that there is no hospitals and doctors on the place so that women have given birth on their own or sometimes on the health of neighbors. “Reporter’s Notebook travels to the province of Agusan del Norte and Masbate to distinguish the reason behind the dreadful condition of women there.

In Aroroy, Masbate, the team meets a female miner who disregards the backbreaking work so that she can provide for her family. What are the programs implemented by the government to support women?

The significant of this documentary to Macroeconomics is for us to understand what the governments do to make each citizen of the country given their rights and protect them by providing their needs. In this documentary shows us the depressed state of women, how they face this, and their sufferings. The whole economy represents the entire country so that the insufficient of safety jobs and health services for the citizen especially to the women focused in this documentary shows that not all been benefitted the well-said improvement of our economy.

As a student of Macroeconomics, this documentary gives me a piece of knowledge in the state of my fellow Filipino in other places here in the Philippines.

This incident made me realize that the government doesn’t reach all here the locations in the Philippines. However, we cannot blame them easily because we don’t know he might do something but the improvement does not readily spring. But then again I feel sorry for the women and also the child they carry.

The child is the future of the country but how this happen if the child and the other doesn’t give the protection that their need. Apparently, this documentary is a great help for us to understand what happen happened around us. The story opens up our mind to think what we can share to help people or else do something to prevent this happening.

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