Research Paper – Bullying, Is Still a Problem?

School is said to be the place where children learn and molds themselves into someone they wanted to be. But that is not the only luxury that schools can give, they can also be a battlefield, a place of survival some may seem, where the famous and beautiful are honored and respected while the poor little once are bullied.

I. Bullying is a big problem now in our society and what’s alarming is the breeding ground of this plague is our school. Our very own second home is the ground for bullies. But before we trigger into the problem let us first define what a bully is. According to the New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, a bully is “someone who enjoys oppressing others weaker than himself”. There are different factors that may affect a person’s behavior it may be caused by its environment, history and other related matters. And one of the main factors of this change is caused by bullying, it may depress someone thus making his/her self-esteem degrades. Nowadays, we must not seem to notice events such as bullying but some incidents must be as vivid as crystals, we can’t just identify if it is already an act of bullying or just another forms of it.

We as students undergo same challenges in our daily lives and experienced bullying at the same time. Bullying must be stopped. ‘But how?’ What makes a child a bully? How can we overcome bullying? These questions are the main reasons for our study. And the answers are soon to be found.

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