The Innocent by Graham Greene Plot

Title: The Innocent

Author:Graham Greene


  • The main character
  • Personality
  • Role
  • Realization and continues the story. 
  • The City
  • The main character spent his childhood here.
  • The city has some changes since the main character childhood.
  • Personality
  • Poor and unattractive.
  • Role
  • Reminding the main character of his childhood. 
  • Lola
  • She comes along with the main character).
  • Role
  • Reminding the main character of how much he wants to be alone. 
  • The girl
  • The main character’s love as a child.
  • Role
  • Influences the main characters way of thinking. 


  • Small country at the old grain warehouse across the small canal.


  • It would not be the same if I came back again, for then there would be the memories of Lola, and Loa meant just nothing at all.
Tags : World Literature
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