The Religion of Meimadham

Meimadham is a syncretic monotheistic religion based in Tamil Nadu, India. Its focus is spiritual enlightenment and hence resulting in ‘painless death, conquering of death with paramount evidence of one’s soul reaching GOD’ (as proclaimed in most religions across globe), through the teachings and example of its founder and leader, Brahma Prakasa Salai Aandavargal, believed to be the incarnation of God expected by all religious holy scriptures and said to be over 120 years old. Meimadham has its own holy scriptures that runs over 7 volumes and its own prayer system and spiritual festivals.

Although it draws strongly on Hindu religious practices, its founder was born to a Muslim family, and Meimadham preaches the “oneness of essence” message of all the previous major scriptures, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity and allows membership regardless of creed.

Meimadham maintains an ashram, Meivazhi Salai, in Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu. Its official liturgical language is Tamil. Male followers wear a turban, and the Meimadham flag is an upward-pointing crescent.

Meimadham was founded by Brammodhaya Meivazhi “Salai Aandavargal”. Brammodhaya Salai Aandavargal was born in a small Village called Markampatty in Dindugal district on 1857. Brammodhaya Salai Aandavargal was a good disciple to Pattaiyar who is said to have lived for almost 600 years. Pattaiyar had also been the Teacher of Vadalur vallal piran. Meivazhi Salai Aandavargal first started his Ashram in Madurai District in Tamil Nadu which was later taken over by British Government (during World War II) when India was ruled by British. Later he founded his Ashram in Pudukkottai District. Thereafter he gathered thousands of people as disciples from sixty nine castes from numerous religions who comply with devotion to the principles of Andavar, as demanded in most religions across globe.

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