A modern mouse typically has a primary button (usually the left button), a secondary button (usually the right), and a mouse wheel between the two. By positioning the pointer and clicking the primary and secondary buttons on the mouse, users can select objects and perform actions on them. For most interactions, pressing a mouse button indicates the selected target, and releasing the button performs the action.

All pointers except the busy pointer have a single pixel hot spot that defines the exact screen location of the mouse. The hot spot determines which object is affected by mouse actions. Objects define a hot zone, which is the area where the hot spot is considered to be over the object. Typically, the hot zone coincides with the borders of an object, but it may be larger to make user interaction easier.
The caret is the flashing vertical bar that is displayed when the user is typing into a text box or other text editor. The caret is independent of the pointer; by default, Windows hides the pointer while the user is typing.

Tags : Computer Hardware
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